IHLC Homecare

IHLC Homecare

In-Home Lab Connection

A Medicare certified home health agency serving the 7 county Metro area.

  • Comprehensive home health services
    • Skilled Nursing
    • Home health aides
    • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • We believe:
    • the patient, their family and their care giving team determine our value;
    • knowledge of each individual builds relationships that drive exceptional service;
    • our skilled staff improve patient safety through situational awareness
  • Providing “Spotcare” since 2002
    • In-Home Blood Draws & other specimen collection
      • Convenient in-home collection
      • Eliminating delays and risk by coming to you
      • Working with any lab or provider
      • Flexible distribution of lab results
      • Stat labs after hours – 24/7 service
    • Nursing footcare services
    • covered by many insurance


Skip Valusek
2626 East 82nd Street #101
Bloomington MN 55425

Ph: 952-842-9000
FAX: 952-842-9001

Email: IHLC@ihlc-homecare.com